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Customer Service: What Is a 100% Quality Guarantee?

What Is a 100% Quality Guarantee?

The 100% Quality Guarantee is a correction to, or a partial to full refund on an element of a student tour that is deemed unsatisfactory.

Why Does Scholastica Travel Implement a 100% Quality Guarantee?

We stand behind every tour we plan as our best work – something we are proud to put our name on and something we are proud to offer to you and your community. The 100% Quality Guarantee is in place to dispel any apprehensions that you may have with touring with Scholastica Travel. Read more »


Washington D.C. FAM Trip 2012

Changing of the Guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

This past weekend the Scholastica Travel staff and many of our independently contracted tour leaders traveled to Washington D.C. for our annual FAM trip! Read more »


How To Ensure Hotel Safety When Traveling with Students

No Outdoor Access to Rooms (photo

When traveling with students, safety is of the utmost priority. Hotel selection should be made very carefully, with considerations beyond the cheapest price.  Incorporate these criteria into your hotel selection to ensure the highest safety for your group. Read more »


Washington D.C. FAM Trip 2012 Preview

We can’t wait to incorporate the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial into our spring trips! Photo

This weekend members of the Scholastica Travel staff as well as many of our independently contracted tour leaders will meet in Washington D.C. for our annual FAM trip!

What is a FAM trip? Read more »


Airline Baggage Fees and Restrictions for Domestic U.S. Travel

Photo courtesy of

Keeping track of the latest in U.S. airline baggage fees and size limitations can be confusing.Which airlines check bags for free? Who charges the most? What is the cutoff for an overweight bag fee? Read more »


12 Tidbits of Christmas

English: A bauble on a Christmas tree.

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For the last two weeks, I have been posting what I call a “tidbit of Christmas”. It’s my take on the 12 Days of Christmas. I thought I’d put them all here for easy reference, in case you didn’t see them on our Facebook page. Oh, the information you can find on the internet!

12. Do you know the name of the most-aired holiday movie during the Christmas season? “It’s A Wonderful Life”, although this answer is being contested by “A Christmas Story”. The battle continues!

Read more »